Plug & Play Attendance System. No wires, no complications. PICO Time Recorder is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who want a quick easy and effective management of attendance.
A revolution
Ready right away for ever: no installation, no cable. The clock is operational as soon as you insert the batteries and, in three minutes, you can start stamping.

A modern and attractive design emphasizes the technological content of the product: Pico integrates the most advanced technologies for collecting data in a form that enhances the ease of use and functionality.

RF data transmission
Pico first to introduce this technology in the field of time and attendance, resulting in a number of significant benefits:
– No need for cabling
– Freedom of placement of the clock

– Installation time and costs eliminated
(It is always possible, as an alternative to the radio, connect the clock to the computer via cable)

Transponder card reader
A definitive solution to the problems associated with more traditional technologies. The badge transponder has the following advantages: Easy to stamp, just bring the badge close to the clock; Speed, the operation is completed in a fraction of a second; security, the code of the badge is unique and not reproducible; wear, there is no wear of the badge

On your PC in real time …
The clock is always connected to your PC, allowing immediate transmission of stamping the control software that performs the archiving and computing; the worker profile is up to date with all the Information regarding the stampings and hours worked available online.

This Software is instinctive, configurable and upgradeable!

The control software is designed to offer a rich feature set, and at the same time, enable trouble-free use even to those not familiar with the PC. The program produces on-screen diagram of a common worker profile and the operator is guided by elementary icons, the use of the available functions. The online manual and automated operations to further simplify the user’s first experiments that are not thoroughly familiar with the mouse and the software in general

– 1 Clock PICO
– 1 antenna for activating RF comunication on the PC
– 1 standard P-Time Management Software, with its manual
– 15 cards (badges)

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